The Disciplines are super-nature abilities that can be activated by the Vampires on command, with the cost of Blood points. All discipline have several abilities that can be activated after unlocking them. These abilities are separated into 3 groups: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, and cost 3,6,9 blood points respectively.


This Discipline allows the vampire to channel their Beast to commune with animals, or the Beasts of others. It is a Clan Discipline for Gangrel & Nosferatu.

Retest: Animal Ken


Feral Whispers: By gazing into the eyes of an animal, the vampire can establish mental communication with them, allowing the user to ask simple questions or issue commands. The target must have sufficient intelligence to establish communication (generally, it is limited to vertebrates) and both parties must have eyes to establish the link.

Communication does not require a test; when issuing a command, the Storyteller may require a Social Challenge against a difficulty of 6 to 8. If the command succeeds, it will be followed for the remainder of the night.

This power cannot be used for mental communication between vampires, even if they are in animal form, or between vampires and humans. The use of this power is visible to others.

Beckoning: You can summon animals in your vicinity by issuing a vocal call. You may call all the animals of a given type in your area, a few, or a specific one; however, only animals within range of your call will respond. Animals summoned by this power are not automatically under your control, but can be affected by other Animalism powers when they arrive. This power costs one Social Trait for each animal summoned; for animals of rat size or smaller, up to five will respond per Social Trait spent. The sound made by this power is audible to others; whether the power is being used must be deduced from context.


Subsume: the Spirit By meeting the eyes of an animal, you may force your mind into it and possess it. Your body falls into unconsciousness, while your spirit remains within the animal until you choose to leave it or it is slain. If the animal is injured, you take equivalent damage; if the animal dies, you return to your body and fall into torpor.

You are limited to the physical capabilities of the animal in question. No animal has fully human­dextrous hands, for example. Your own physical Disciplines have no effect. However, the number of Social Traits you have determine the other Disciplines you may use while in the animal's body:

1 Trait - Simple possession

2 Traits - Can use Auspex

3 Traits - Can use Presence and Animalism

4 Traits - Can use Dementation and Dominate

5 Traits - Can use Chimerstry, Necromancy and Thaumaturgy

When leaving the animal's body, you must spend a Willpower Trait or suffer from a derangement (chosen by the STs) for the remainder of the night. This derangement will reflect animalistic tendencies in some way, as remnants of the animal's psyche remain with you. 

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