The Majority of vampires organise themselves with accordance to a body called The Camarilla.

The Camarilla is a centuries ­old sect that was organised for the mutual interest of vampires: to protect vampires from external threats and uphold the laws of immortal society, supposedly laid down by Caine. In Camarilla society, the polite term for vampires is Kindred.

Most vampires are urban creatures, so the basic level of Camarilla organisation is the city. The ruler of a city is known as the Prince, regardless of gender; although they may be answerable to higher levels of the Camarilla, they are absolute rulers of their domain. They are advised by the Primogen Council, and appoint a variety of officers to assist them in running the city. Far above the Princes are the justicars, who represent their clans in the Inner Circle.

The central principles of the Camarilla are the Traditions:

1. Masquerade: The existence of vampires and the supernatural must not be revealed to mortal society. This Tradition is considered critical to defend Kindred society and existence from mortals, and violations are treated with the utmost seriousness.

2. Domain: A vampire’s territory is sacrosanct, and their responsibility to maintain. The city is the Domain of the Prince, and all other Domain exists at their sufferance. Domain is the territory a vampire controls; entering or feeding there without permission may be considered a punishable violation of this Tradition.

3. Progeny: Permission to create a Childe must be granted by the Prince.

4. Accounting: A Sire is responsible for the actions of their Childe until they are released, and may be punished for their actions.

5. Hospitality: No Kindred may enter another’s Domain without their permission; upon entering a new city, their first action should be to present themselves to the Prince for permission to remain there.

6. Destruction: The right to destroy other Kindred lies with the Prince, and requires their permission. The Prince may call a Blood Hunt against a vampire, allowing the city to hunt and destroy them.

Camarilla vampires meet at a gathering place known as an Elysium; within the walls of Elysium, violence and the use of most Disciplines is forbidden.

In Israel:

Tel Aviv and the big cities surrounding it are controlled generally by the Camarilla, under the rule of a ventrue known as "King of Bones". This monarch took power by force in the second half of the 20th century as this area raised the interest of a few Europian families of the Kindred. After this highly controversial act of consolidating power the King of Bones started putting local magistrates and princes. The cities under the king's control obey the traditional Camarilla traditions.

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