The most common story of vampiric origins traces them to Caine, the First Murderer, cursed with immortality by God. His descendants, the Antediluvians, were the founders of the modern clans. Legend holds that the eldest vampires are only asleep and will someday awaken to feed on their descendants in the apocalypse known as Gehenna. While the truth of these legends is uncertain (the Camarilla—see below—officially doesn’t believe in Gehenna or the Antediluvians), a vampire’s generation is generally based on their descent from Caine, with the most common new vampires created these days being of the thirteenth generation.

Vampires also sometimes speak of a mythical state­of­being in which the Beast no longer has any hold over their emotional state. This is referred to as Golconda. The methods by which a vampire can supposedly achieve this state are about as varied as are vampires. Some say it involves a Buddhist­like meditative practice. Others insist that the only road to Golconda leads through the careful organization of one's life—up to and including everyone else around you. Perhaps the enlightenment comes from the production of great beauty (or ugliness).

For everyone who says Golconda can be achieved, there are a dozen others who call it a myth, and at least one who claims the search itself is blasphemous. Even those who agree it exists do not agree on what it means. Some say an enlightened one needs little or no blood. Some say they can use any Discipline. Some say they can walk in sunlight. Some say they simply become human once again.

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