Often asked questions and important definitions:

Role Playing Game - A game where we assume the role of a fictional character in fictional settings. We basically play "pretend". Or if you'd like, make a theatre play without an audience, or a script, or even a clue to what's going to happen next. So generally we experience the game in the same way that the characters would have, and act as if we were them.

Role Playing - The action of playing the role of your character.

LARP - The Live Action Role Play (Or LARP), is a form of role-playing where generally one would physically play his/her character, interacting with the "game world" more physically. In a LARP, we would do the maximum possible to enable game atmosphere, meaning coming in costumes that fit the character and the game settings.

Game Master/Story Teller - The person who's responsible for making the game as smooth and the player's experience as enjoyable as possible. The GM's word is absolute truth in the game's world and as far as the characters are concerned, even when the GM contradicts the game's predetermined mechanics.

"In Character" - When someone is playing the game and currently acts as the character.

"Out of Character" - When someone is not playing the game and currently does not act as the character. When that happen in the midst of the game or even in the middle of an intense scene it can ruin a game's atmosphere and immersion.

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